Media Production II

Media Production II

            Media Production II has taught me new and better ways to communicate a message to an audience. Technologically, this class has taught me how to use different computer programs in order to create a product. Visually, Media Production II has taught me what to look for in order to deliver a better product. And lastly, interpersonally, this class has taught me how to better communicate with people so that clear and concise answers are given. Whether this is through learning how to conduct an audio interview or learning how to create a video covering an event, this class has shown me ways to utilize technology that I would have otherwise been unable to do on my own.

Working with Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and other software, I’ve been able to learn how to create professional grade products. Before taking Media Production II, I knew very little about these programs, which is why I know this class taught me a lot technologically. I was able to create videos and edit photos before, but not in a way that would be suitable for online publication. For example, I learned how to compress videos that were exported from Final Cut Pro into manageable-sized videos ready for quick upload to any website. Also, learning how to resize photos in Photoshop for proper web use allowed uploads to go much quicker than I had ever experienced.

Visually, Media Production II sharpened my eye. I’ve recorded covers of events and people before, but I typically record shots that I think are best. What this class showed me was what are the most effective shots when covering an event or an interview of a person. In particular, learning the 5-shot rule really helped me learn what is the best way to display a person.

Interpersonally, this class has taught me how to ask better questions. Engaging any person, such as an interviewee, requires tactful questions if you want solid answers in response. In the first interviews I had to do for this class, my questions were unclear. I could really tell this when I was trying to piece my story together and I couldn’t find a cohesive story within my interview. But after learning the proper questions and what is the best way to ask them, my interviews went up in cohesiveness.

Overall, Media Production II has shown me how to be a better communicator within digital media. Not only that, but it has shown me how to spread out my work so that I can meet deadlines.