Soaking Up Media Production

I am eagerly anticipating what I’m going to learn in this class.

The majority of my life revolves around digital technology, and I always want to learn more. I understand this course will be a heavy workload, but I know that If I push myself not to only meet deadlines but to beat them, this class will be a waterfall of information for me to soak up.

What I look forward to most in this class is learning how to handle Final Cut Pro. My experience with this software has been minimal. This is typically and industry standard when it comes to video, which is why I’m excited to get on board. Also, the incorporation of editing audio will be extremely useful for videos I plan to make on my own.

I anticipate a steady stream of work. But I enjoy these types of assignments. Thus, the tool I will need to wield in order to fully appreciate this course is time management. Of course, this is not only applicable with assignments in this class, but with my other classes, too; one way I can do this is to begin working on the assignment the day it is assigned.

I plan to enter a career centered on effectively communicating a message to an audience. By learning how to do this with software taught in this course, I will gain further insight on how to get my messages using digital media.